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3 years ago

QB sending alert to the sender of a notification - can it be turned off?

Is there a way to turn this email alert being from being sent from Quick Base to a specific user who is different than the owner of the notification? Also the link in the email results in an error.

Matthew is the owner of the New Trouble Ticket notification. is the sender of the notification.

From: <>
Date: Thu, Jul 29, 2021, 12:08 PM
Subject: Quickbase Alert
To: <>

You have a Quickbase alert.

FROM: QuickBase
SUBJECT: An email notification being sent on your behalf was modified

Matthew modified the email notification New Trouble Ticket in the xapp. This email notification is sent on your behalf. If you have any concerns, please contact Matthew.

To view or act upon this alert in Quickbase, visit

George Bramhall

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  • Yes, this should be pretty easy for the app admin to do in the "notifications/subscriptions" settings
    You can usually specify if you want to send the email to yourself, to others, to specific others, to people in X field etc.

    Korrie Clark