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3 years ago

Question using values from the Users table in multi-select text fields

I created an App Users table to manage permissions throughout several apps. The table uses a User type field which is the table's key field. In another table, Assessments, I added a multi-select text field, TC Name, which gets its input values from the App Users: User field. When I go to the Assessments table form to add a user(s) from that multi-select text field, TC Name, I get a list of negative numeric values. Any idea why this is happening?


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  • I think that you have two choices here. If you want the result of your selections to be actual users than you you need to use a field type called list user.  That field type does not allow for selections from another table. It will however have the ability to offer up all users in your application that are flagged as being available for Showing in User Pickers on the Users page.

    Alternatively, you can make a field on your employees table called [Full Name] with a formula of UsertoName([my user field]) and then you will get a clean list of names. Those negative numbers actually represent the way that a user is uniquely identified. The unique identification is a strange number. But that allows for the user to change their name and also even change their email address and that user will still be the same userid.   It's kind of like the SSN number for the user in Quickbase.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)