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2 years ago

Quickbase REST Api in Quickbase Webhooks


To start, I am aware that I could use QB Actions to solve this. Also, I tested all inside the Rest API documentation and was able to post a record successfully. 

I want to use QB Rest API inside QB Webhooks. I have two headers, the Authorization: "QB-USER-TOKEN [user token]" and QB-Realm-Hostname "" filled out properly. The Endpoint is the generic Method: POST and FORMAT is JSON. 

Body : 
"to": "ImagineHere",
"data": [
"6": {
"value": "[Issue Type]"
"7": {
"value": "[Description]"
"8": {
"value": "Test Record"

"fieldsToReturn": "3"


I keep getting 400 - bad requests with no description. If I could get some assistance I would be most appreciative. 

My intent is to manually create a record in table A and have the webhook insert into table B. If I can get this to work I can make it work cross apps, too. (Again, I know about the QB actions). Look at this as more practice than anything. 

Thank you in advance.

Blake Taylor
Quickbase Developer

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  • For future use of anyone who happens across this issue, I found I couldn't have line breaks in the values the JSON was setting. Once I fixed that the web hook started working.

    Kurt Wagner