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Re: "New Style"

Please, please have an option to disable this feature.  The first thing I do in every report I view is disable it.  I have given it a chance and it's just not better than the old set up.  We used the dynamic filters all the time to drill down in our reports.  The old set up was so much cleaner and easier to quickly see the data for what it is.  Also, really miss the summary reports.  Please bring these back.

jonathan duke

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    Performance improvements for table report style

    Over the past several months, we've been developing a faster version of new table reports. This new version keeps the modern look-and-feel of the new table report style, while significantly improving loading and scrolling performance. We'd like to thank those of you who took the time to engage with us and help us understand your pain points, so that we can provide you with the right solution.

    • Our release schedule has changed slightly to combine all remaining phases into a single update on September 26th. In the previous phases, we received compelling feedback on the fixed column widths and we felt it is in our users' best interest to address the problem moving forward with the release.
    • After 9/26 all users in the previous phases will see the column widths change

    It "seems" like performance has improved. Thoughts?

    Jim Harrison
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      We ALL HATE IT!  Why is there not an option to turn it off?  I can't believe this is something QB wants to force on people.  It's slow, buggy, and just plain sucks.

      Bryan Fichtner
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      Hi all.  Sorry to necro this thread. But has there been any effort to maybe perhaps allow us to have the old style as default? So for those who like the new style can switch to new style when desired?  

      Christian Day
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        Unlikely. Given the new forms are the present and future it's unlikely that any development time will be given to defaulting the old versions.

        Chayce Duncan