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2 years ago

Related fields showing in forms from different table

I'm trying to get a field from one table to show up on a form from another table.  I set up the relationship but it must not be right.  The wording for the field shows up but not the content of the field.

I want the Manager to show up in the Contacts Table.  The Manager is entered in the Client Services Table.

I made a table to table relationship with Client Services to Contacts
So i can get the Manager to show up in the fields to choose but nothing populates in it.

So I can't figure out how to get this to populate.  
Thanks for any help.

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  • The field where you chose the parent is [Related Service] which is just a Record ID# so its not user friendly.  You have with deliberately or accidentally set the field properties for Related Service to be the Client Name.

    So add the field for [Service - Client name] to the form and then you will be able to select a service record.

    If the Client Name is not the best field for users to be using to select a service record then change your proxy field setting on the [Related Service] field to be a different lookup field.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      I did add the Service-Client name and this is what shows now.

      I have another relationship where the manager shows up so I tried to duplicate it.

      Other relationship where Manager is viewable

      My new relationship.
      I did not build these to start with but I noticed that the previous person used the record ID a lot.  But if this doesn't work I will try something else.  
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        The form either needs to have the field for Related Service on the form or else whichever field that Related Service has set in its field properties to be its "Proxy" field.

        The advantage of a Proxy field is that the users will not have to see a meaningless number as a link back to the Parent Service record.

        Mark Shnier (YQC)