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3 years ago

Relationship for existing data

I'm sorry if this was posted already. I have 2 tables - Project & Timesheets. Each table has a job# that will be in both tables, but when this app was built, the job# isn't marked as unique (even though it is), but QB won't let me mark it unique. I have a lot of time entries that I want the hours on the project table. Is there a way to create a relationship to link them?

This is the Timesheet table. "True Job Number" Is from the timesheets. Project - Job Number2 comes from the Project table. I changed Project-Job Number2 to a formula to match True Job Number, but not sure if that will do anything. I manually linked the top 2

Any help would be appreciated

Darren Martin

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  • Hi Darren,

    When you try to mark it as unique do you get a specific error message? One trick I have seen is to create a summary field based on that Job Number field and see if any have duplicates and if they can be fixed so there are no duplicates. Once there are no duplicates you should be able to make that field unique for your uses.

    Evan Martinez