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2 months ago

Reminder: Site Maintenance Beginning April 1st

Hi Everyone,

A reminder that we are planning site maintenance for from April 1st-April 9th. This week, you can still post to this site, all discussions should remain active and there shouldn't be any disruption to your experience here.

Next week, starting April 1st, you will not be able to sign in and post discussions. You will not be able to sign in at all to download documents or engage with other members of The Qrew. The website will be read-only, searching should remain working. 

On April 9th, we'll be going live with a new experience on The website will have a different appearance. I'll have some quick enablement videos on what's changed on April 9th. 

Please read FAQ here

Qrew members looking to engage with other Qrew members outside of this website can do so via the community-led Discord server, access here.

Ben Simon

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