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Qrew Cadet
5 years ago

Removing Add New button from table home page

Is it possible to remove the green "Add New" on a table home page? I don't want to take away the privilege all together, but more so force a user to create new records in that table using "Add New" buttons created within other tables and reports.

Chris Swirtz

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  • Yes.  In the role settings  for manage Roles, there is a tab for User Interface.  You can remove the Add button without taking away Add Permissions.  This is a common good practice where you only want the user to add children by launching off a Parent record.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      Qrew Cadet


      I have this exact setup in my app and it works great ... sometimes.

      I'm running into issues with dropdown lists - for example:
      Three tables - Customers, Work Orders, Products
      - User is viewing a customer record.
      - User clicks the "Create a new work order request" button which creates the related child record.
      In the New Work Order form, there is a dropdown list where the user needs to select the (related) product for the work order. In that related products list, they don't have the ability to add a new product if it isn't already listed in the product table. 
      Is there a way around this?

      The column on the User Interface screen says "Hide Add Button/Links" which is disappointing. Is there a way to hide the button yet allow the user to create a related child record from the dropdown list?

      Karen Henke
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        Qrew Member

        Hey Karen, did you ever get a solution to this? I am looking for a similar scenario. 

        John Tucker