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Qrew Cadet
3 years ago

"Save and next" clicks in the reverse direction of my list


Has anyone experienced this weird phenomenon of the "next" and "previous" working in the opposite direction? 

I have a report and I'm clicking through records in edit view to add data.  When I click 'Save and next' instead of moving to the next record on the list, it moves backwards to the previous record.  If I click "Previous" it moves forward.  It is very annoying since every time I update a record and click "Save and next" I have to then click "previous" twice to get to the next record.  It is a large report (8000+ records) and I'm clicking through records on page 6 of the report.  It happened yesterday and is happening again today with the same report. Maybe QB just doesn't like to handle so many records.  It's just weird and concerns me.

Kim G
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