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3 years ago

Setting up a Reminder to trigger a certain number of days if the date field remains blank

Hi all,
I'm not seeing what I need in the reminder notification functionality so I'm hoping for some advice.  Here's the 411:

We have a service request form that is submitted by a member of our company to our Talent Development team when that member needs our assistance with a project.

When we review these requests as a team, we assign them to one of our team members [Assigned Employee].  

We are also asking our [Assigned Employee] to document the date that we respond to the requestor [Response Date].

But, as with new processes, our team members forget to document the date they responded, and so I want to trigger a reminder to them that when [Reponse Date] remains blank for X number of days, send a reminder email to [Assigned Employee].

Reminders do not allow me to choose the [Assigned Employee] field, even though in a Notification, I am able to choose the field.  So I was looking into creating a notification but can't wrap my brain around how to qualify when the notification needs to be sent. 

Thank you in advance for your collective minds! 

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  • @Trace Symonds

    As long as the [Assigned Employee] is a user field, you should be able to select it in a "Reminder" email.

    If [Assigned Employee] is an email field, the only "Permission Type" capable of sending to an email field is an "Open" one. Reminders don't have a "Permission Type" setting, so I don't think this is possible.

    If that is the case, a solution could be to create a table that holds a recipient (email field), subject (text field), and body (Rich Text Field) and then set up a pipeline that will create a new record based on the trigger you defined.

    You could then configure a "Open" notification to send to the email in [Recipient] whenever a record is created in that table.

    Basically, your own little notification engine built on Pipelines.

    Justin Torrence
    Quickbase Expert, Jaybird Technologies