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2 years ago

Showing Summary report on dashboard

Hi Everyone,

I was trying to add summary report with filters on the dashboard but it doesn't bring filters to the dashboard and only show the entire report. Is there a way I can add filters?

Can I create a chart or graph on the summary report? since it is a big report with 23+ records and don't see any option to add filters on the dashboard so these graphs would help users to get quick insights. 

Thanks in advance!

Mrunali Kadam

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  • I presume that you are referring to Dynamic Filters.

    If you are referring to "Traditional" Home Page as opposed to the newer "Dashboard" pages, then you can cop[y the URL for the Summary report and Suffix it with &ifv=1 and then make a Home {age element as a Web page with that as the link.

    The URL will look like this

    You can also make a separate report as a chart and put that on the Home Page, separately.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)