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9 months ago

Still no way to remove all users from user field?

Is there still no way to reset a user field custom list to blank? I have nearly 1000 users. If I want a customer user list, I have to click remove user 1000 times, then slowly add back in. Is there still really no other way??

Mike Tamoush

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  • Not that I know of explicitly, no. Programatically my guess would have been API_SetFieldProperties or the REST Update Field, but neither call out user-lists by name. The JSON might be your best bet at throwing darts at the wall to see if you can see the 'options' key to an empty array but if it follows the HTTP format that's likely only for text based options. Beyond that I've never seen anything in the API. 

    This probably doesn't help, but if its a limited use case you could just have the default list show and uncheck the green check in the user tab to allow them the show in user lists. Doesn't alleviate the overall problem and potentially causes more, but at least its faster than the method for a user field to add/remove users. 

    Chayce Duncan