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3 years ago

Stop Pipeline number output from having decimals

Hey All,

I've got a pipeline sending an email and one of the fields in the subject and body displays in the app as a whole number, but in the outputted email it shows with 1 decimal space. Is there any way to use Jinja to convert the number to a whole number? One of the fields is just a summary field counting child records, so it will always be a whole number and "#2.0" looks ridiculous.

Why am I using a pipeline to send a notification email? Because there's an API call going through a code page that's triggered when the record is created, and in that moment the value in the field that matters is 0. After the API call finishes, that field is the length of audio files from child records. That field is a summary field, which can't be used as a notification trigger. So instead, I've got pipeline 1 that either sends out the email if that API call isn't necessary, or calls pipeline 2 that loops on itself with a pause until that field is greater than 0.

So, I'm looking for a Jinja expression that converts the field to a whole number, or trims the ".0" off.


Daniel Johnson

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  • Stack Overflow wins again!

    Answer: add "|int" after the field, inside the brackets. So, {{a.of_children|int}}

    Daniel Johnson