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Qrew Cadet
3 years ago

Summary Reports on New Dashboards

I have a new app I am building and trying to decide whether or not to use home page reports and just do the new Dashboards completely because I wasn't sure when they might retire the home page. I do like the new Dashboards for their functionality but they do load somewhat slow and if you are displaying a summary report they take up so much real estate versus the way they are displayed on the home page. Any suggestions to display like the home page?

Ryan Locke

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  • Not sure if there is a better way to display, but I agree with your points. The new dashboard looks great and the global filter, tabs, and other new widgets are fantastic, but they are SO slow. In fact, I made a regular home page and a dashboard, and let a number of users tell me their thoughts.

    100% said they would never use the new dashboard, it was just too slow. As a developer, it's nightmarish it is so slow, so I was happy with the survey results!

    So from an end user perspective, until the new dashboards are quicker, maybe just consider a home page.

    The other thing to consider is the new dashboards do not work on mobile.

    Mike Tamoush