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2 years ago

Time Based Access Restrictions

Looking at trying to restrict access to a QuickBase (whether whole database or specific table) between a specific time frame.  Is this possible?  We're using the API DoQuery via another application and running into issues which may be related to the traffic/work being done within the QB at the same time even though users have been asked to stop processing.

I don't see anything at the QB level settings.  Would I need to build some sort of time validation field within a table, or a Pipeline?

Robin Mcintosh

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  • np
     you can create a checkbox field called 
    [Regular Staff OK to Edit at this Time of Day?]

    with a formula of
    ToTimeofDay Now() <  ToTimeOfDay("2:00 am")
    ToTimeofDay Now() >  ToTimeOfDay("3:00 am")

    In the usual Role Permissions you would add the condition [Regular Staff OK to Edit at this Time of Day?] is checked to the edit permission for regular users.

    Then do your system updates between 2 and 3 am.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)