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3 years ago

Trigger Action Off Look Up Fields

I have two tables workers and claims. One worker can have many claims.

I have an action setup to run when a claim is added or modified based on having certain information related to a worker.

Its a formula that gives us a yes or no depending if that information is filled in the worker entry.

Currently when adding a claim it is firing the action appropriately based on the yes no trigger.

If the information is added at a later date, the action is not triggering.

If I submit the information in the workers record causing the formula field to change from no to yes in the claim, it should fire the action? 

Jordan Beatty

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  • No. It will only fire if the record is modified (by either a user, or another automation/action). In this case, when a formula changes, the record is not being modified, it just happens to have a formula that changes. You need to set up a second action/automation that triggers off the parent table, utilizing whatever field is changed the by the user. Then it will modify the child table as its action.

    Mike Tamoush