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2 years ago

Upload Multiple Attachments with Synced Table from Another App??

Hi All, 

Not 100 on where to start with this question - please let me know what additional info is needed - if there is a solution to this. 

I have a separate app (Master Staff List) - that contains employee details.  
I've built a separate app (Equipment Master) - that contains information about company-owned assets that our employees have.  This app (Equipment) has a linked/synced table for employee name/ID - and I've set up the Multiple File Attachment functionality from Kirk T's posted video/post. 

However, when I go to execute - the files will get added, but not to any employee.  All the related employee information is blank. 

Am I doing something wrong - or is this just not possible with a synced table?

Thanks in advance, 

Allissa Weber

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  • Laura Thacker - THANK YOU!!

    Allissa Weber
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      feel free to post how you found solution

      Prashant Maheshwari