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3 years ago

URL Button filtered by record clicked on

I'd like a button that directs a user to a report that is filtered to show records based on the record from which is was clicked.

For example, the button lives on a Customers form. I click the button and it opens a report of Sales where Related Customer=[Record ID#] of the Customer I was on.

Is this possible?

Raymond Sakar

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  • I don't know if this is officially supported by Quickbase, but here is how I have achieved this in the past.
    1. Create a report that uses an <ask the user> filter.
    2. Run the report, provide the user value and copy the URL into a Formula - URL report.
    3. Make the URL dynamic and change the parameter provided to the query at the end to the dynamic value you want to use.

    Here is some additional details:

    The "nv" parameter should be the number of responses being provided
    You can have multiple v(n) parameters based on the number of responses provided
    If you had a second filter to ask the user, the next parameter would be &v1= [Dynamic Field]

    Justin Torrence
    Quickbase Expert, Jaybird Technologies