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3 years ago

User with Multiple Roles to be Allowed to Decide on the Role.


I have a user (using same email ID) which is part of two roles:

User   --- Role               ----- Projects
User1  --- Officers        ----- Project1
User1  --- Managers.    ----- Project2

Both Project1 and Project2 are parts of the same app. The user1 in the 'Officer' role for Project1, and in 'Managers' role in Project2.  When I login as User1, I should only have limited access to Project1 data, but when I login as User2, then I should have access to many columns and rows in the Project2. Is there a way that I allow user to choose which role he/she is using while logging in?

I know the role in the top of the order (App Settings...) gets precedence, but I want user to decide on the role while logging in.

Your thoughts will be highly appreciated.


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  • No, user cannot decide what Roles they are in, they are automatically in all the rules that they are in.

    However using dynamic form rules the form could behave differently depending on whether the current user for example is has their user ID in a particular field. So for example if I am the designated Project Manager for a Project record the form could behave differently if I was just the Admin Assistant userid in the admin assistant field.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)