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3 years ago

What charts are available on the new dashboard?

Does anyone know if there is a listing of what charts are currently compatible with the new dashboard.

So far, I don't think line and bar charts are compatible (the combo chart - I think individually, a line or a bar chart may work), pie seems to work. I'm still testing the others but wondering if anyone knows if this is listed somewhere. I tried googling but having no luck.

Mike Tamoush

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    Hopefully someone can try to recreate and let me know if they get the same behavior. I believe the reason some of by charts do not display on the new dashboard is this:

    If you use a summary formula to create a new value (in my use case, I am using gross margin percentage), and use this value for one of your lines or bars, the entire report then is not able to be viewed on the new dashboard.

    Interestingly, you also can not customize the colors of these bars or lines (that use the summary formula value).

    If anyone finds this same thing let me know. I've put in a ticket to customer support, but my testing seems to show this.

    Mike Tamoush