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9 years ago

What happens when you exceed the API call amount?

Our account gives us 2000 API calls / day.

However, I looked at the graph provided by QuickBase and it shows that most days we are at ~200,000 calls / day.

I've never noticed any interruptions in our services that use the APIs, so what actually happens when you exceed the limit? Does it slow down the request/response time or something?

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  • That is an odd limit as I thought the limit was generally 1,000 API calls per user per day,so maybe your limit is really 20,000 per day (not 2,000) and your post had a typo.

    But regardless, all that would happen is that a QuickBase rep may choose to contact you to make ask you to buy more API calls.  Since QuickBase is single threaded, I suppose that in theory,  a lot of API calls will slow down the app a bit for your users. But whether users perceive a difference in their response time due to this level of APIs would depend on how large and complex your app is in terms of # of records and relationships 
  • For Premier it is 100 / Day / User, and we have a 20 user plan. So 2,000. We have our own metrics for determining performance, and our own app performance is perfectly adequate. But thanks, your answer was very helpful. I just wanted to make sure API calls weren't being silently ignored during the night or something.
  • Yes, I see that now. The client account I was looking at was a higher plan level. My regular clients are at that 100 per day per user default.  It may be that QuickBase is lax about enforcing this limit.  They just need to have some limit so that they don't get completed abused by API calls by some super intensive automated process.
  • I know this is an older post, but the API call thing has come up recently for one of my clients. What I find interesting is that with all the improvements of Actions, Webhooks and Automations, the API call amounts haven't been increased accordingly. Since all those consume API calls, I would hope that QB would considerably bump up the max limit per day/user.