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2 years ago

When the usage of a field will show a Pipeline

I've noticed that in a fields usage, it will sometimes show that it is part of a Pipeline, and other times will not. In case others are wondering why, Customer Support Confirmed the following:

'Fields used in a Pipeline only appear on a field's usage screen if it's part of the TRIGGER step. Action steps do not appear in the usage tab'.

Not sure why they would intentionally program it like that. Seems like a good use of the feedback tab.....along with the fact that if it does tell you in the usage tab it is used in a Pipeline, it doesnt tell you which pipeline (the numbers it shows are not the pipeline number, they are irrelevant to the user).

Mike Tamoush

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  • The "Unification" development plan roadmap is to have Field Usage show all usage in Pipelines.   Maybe they will discuss that at EMPOWER.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)