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3 years ago

Who Triggered a Pipeline

I need to have the capability of reporting time and tracking it by user.  I made a pipeline that allows for bulk entries (a user can go into a table which will have multiple tasks and they can enter one number that will be divided evenly across these tasks).  The issue I'm having is that in this table I also have a field that is "member reporting" which is a formula user [Current User], when the pipeline runs and dumps the data into a separate table, the pipeline uses this field to dictate who is reporting time; except this field is always myself.  Does anyone know how to make this display who triggered the pipeline rather than who wrote it?

Michael Jameson

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  • Need to capture the field for [Last Modified by] where the user is actually personally doing the update and move that down into those children records and capture that

    Mark Shnier (YQC)