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3 years ago

Yes, You can use pipeline to figure predecessors - See How

I've spent better part of last 1 hour to figure, so posting this for others. Thank you @Mark Shnier @Quick Base Junkie@ @Quick Base Junkie for posting numerous examples before me.

I've a table containing my template task with sequence in order below
TaskName | Task Sequence
Task A | 1
Task B | 2
Task C | 3
Task D | 4
Task E | 5

Challenge : When I copy these template task to Project task , I want predecessors to be define automatically via pipelines

After you've created a pipeline to copy template task to project task table , use update record to define predecessor field (AboveTask) here to

{% if c.task_sequence|int >1 %} {{|int-1}} {% endif %}


Prashant Maheshwari
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