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Updates to Qrew Groups

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10 months ago

What's up, Quickbase Qrew, how we doing? 

A few updates I wanted to make everyone aware of regarding Qrew Groups...

1) Our Qrew Groups page has been updated to share more of them. We've added pages for the Boston Qrew and the Raleigh/Durham Qrew, two local groups who will be having their first meetups in September.

2) We're excited to see @Jim Harrison bringing back the Portland Qrew. For those of you in the greater PDX area, you need to connect with this group as they're meeting every month, they kicked things off at Jim's office in July! Nice work Jim! 

3) @Caroline Stuart-Freas and I are piloting having Customer Networks have their own Qrew Discussions page via the Pipelines Customer Network. Definitely connect with this Qrew if you have Pipelines questions, this will be a great way to connect on Pipelines in between monthly meetings.

4) If you're interested in starting a Qrew Group (either virtual or live in person), we should chat! My contact info is in my signature, I'm very interested in identifying new and fun ways to bring The Qrew together! 

Published 10 months ago
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