Update On Continued Learning for Certified Builders

By Evan Martinez posted 09-23-2020 11:31


Continued Learning for Certified Builders 

Quick Base University is waiving the 10 PDU requirement to maintain your certification until the end of 2021. You may still want to learn about the latest features and technologies to stay current. This list provides a list of resources for live virtual trainingeLearning, and recorded content available on Quick Base University. The content spans topics from beginner to advanced. 


Virtual Live Training Courses 

Quick Base University now offers a series of live intermediate courses to increase your knowledge. While many topics may be a review for certified builders, the courses include tips and tricks to help you become a better builder. Courses are located in the Live Training area and are offered on a recurring basis. 

Course Title 


Beyond Basic Reporting 

  • Review intermediate properties of reports like drilldown report settings, row colorization and report formulas 
  • Explore how reports can improve your forms by functioning as more powerful record pickers 
  • Explore how to display multiple reports on your forms 
  • Understand how reports can help you identify orphaned records and unused fields 
  • Learn how to control organization, usage of and access to reports 

Intro to Formulas 

  • Learn the basics of formula operators, functions, and syntax 
  • Learn a handful of formula functions via workshop-style exercises 
  • Explore conditional formulas with three different functions 
  • Expand the functionality of buttons (formula URLs) 

Data Validation using Custom Data Rules 

  • Review what custom data rules are 
  • Learn how to use text formulas inside of custom data rules 
  • Work through three exercises to create custom data rules to help with data validation 

Elevating Your Forms 

  • Review a few form properties 
  • Explore the different types of form elements and how to use custom HTML in text elements 
  • Implement form rules for data validation, simplifying workflows, and maximizing form real estate 
  • More topics including the record title, custom record pickers, and forms for specific roles 


  • Determine when a relationship is unnecessary 
  • Define “lineage,” a concept of using sequences of relationships in place of creating extra relationships 
  • Learn how to identify lineage in our apps 
  • Learn how share data between tables that aren’t directly related 

Conditional Dropdowns 

  • Define what a conditional dropdown is 
  • Explore the extra relationships that need to be created to make conditional dropdowns work 
  • Learn how to create a conditional dropdown 

Many-to-Many Relationships 

  • Learn how to recognize when you need a many-to-many relationship 
  • Show how to create a many-to-many relationship 
  • Discover how to adjust our forms to make apps with many-to-many relationships intuitive