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  • 1.  Track Changes to Formula Fields

    Posted 11-05-2020 12:32
    I have two questions:

    First, is there any way to track who made changes to the formula in a formula field?  For example. if the original formula was If([field}, "condition1", "condition2") and another user changes the formula to If([field}, "condition2", "condition1") .  Is there any way to track who made the change?

    Second Question:

    If a field or table name is changed, would it change any values inside of quotation marks in a formula.  For example, suppose Table1 has a field named Field1.  If Table1 is renamed to Table2 or Field1 is changed to Field 2 would either of those changes change the values between the quotation marks in a formula like If([Field1] = "Table1 type", "Condition1", "Condition2").  I strongly suspect I know the answer to this, but want confirmation.

    Paul Peterson

  • 2.  RE: Track Changes to Formula Fields

    Posted 11-05-2020 12:41
    Regarding changes to formulas being tracked, no. Quick Base tracks changes such as these at a high level, but not like what you're asking. If you're having a problem with users making changes to formulas, I can only suggest two things (which you probably already know). First, limit who has administrator rights within the application to only those people that are absolutely necessary. Second, implement some type of process where users self-log changes within the formula itself by remarking out the previous formula and Copy/Pasting the original before actually editing it. This isn't an ideal solution, but can be helpful.

    Regarding changes to literals (values in double quotes), no. Only a user can/will change the values enclosed by double quotes.

    Blake Harrison
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    Atlanta GA
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  • 3.  RE: Track Changes to Formula Fields

    Posted 11-05-2020 13:32

    Thank you for confirming what I suspected.

    Paul Peterson