Is it possible to open File Attachment permissions to all users in Realm?

  • 1.  Is it possible to open File Attachment permissions to all users in Realm?

    Posted 02-23-2019 16:04
    I have multiple apps for different departments within our organization, and all of our customers are viewable through sync tables with a central app storing the source data. 

    I have another table holding anywhere from 5-20 File Attachments per customer as individual records, and logging data tied to the file attachments. This table is also synced to each app. Any app can upload file attachments to the source Files table by adding a record to a hidden table within their own app which then posts a copy of that record to our source table through an API_EditRecord webhook, which then updates the connected table in their own app. They do not realize the hidden table even exists. The goal is that our end-users only appear to interact with the sync table in their related app for simplicity of use, however, they are really funneling data through the central app.

    I have a button linked to the file on each record, and a user can download the file by clicking this button. This looks like the following: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gLZOyzZjV3euCiVY2FEF0A70ZplgIaVr/view?usp=sharing

    The problem is that this only works for users with roles in the central app. All of the other users in our realm cannot download through the link, as they don't have access to that app.

    I see that I'm able to open file attachment permissions to anyone without a login, but we are storing company-sensitive information that I do not want to open permissions for. I would like to open permissions for anyone in our realm to download file attachments from the Files table in our central app. Is this possible?