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Monthly Subscription with a Report Link

  • 1.  Monthly Subscription with a Report Link

    Posted 12-13-2017 18:01

    Hello All,

    Is there a way to send a Monthly Subscription with a link to a report rather than including the report data in the body of the email or as a PDF or CSV attachment? Much of our report data includes personal information that we want to be sent via secure email. Providing a link would at least require a person potentially intercepting an email to be set up as a user or enter an accurate password to access the information. I realize a Notification could be set up; however we wouldn?t want an email every time a change occurs ? only weekly or monthly, and it would be helpful to give easy access to the report [via link] to view all associated records. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance!

  • 2.  RE: Monthly Subscription with a Report Link

    Posted 12-13-2017 18:15
    A low tech, effective, but sort of cheezy suggestion (not sure of cheezy is a technical term) is to send a report with one column. 

    The column would be a link to the Report.  [Click here to see report].  So you still get to have the Subscription words and then the user will get say a report with 50 identical buttons to click and they click any button to run the report in native Quick Base which will, of course, require them to sign in.

    The formula for the URL button would be

    urlroot() & "db/" & dbid() & "?a=q&qid=xx"

    Replace xx with the report # of the report.

    A less cheezy method would be to make a Summary report with the same filters as the table report.  There is some Magic that you can do with a summary report in that if you make a field which is a hyperlink, then when you click the hyperlink it will not do the usual drill downw, but rather it will run the hyperlink.

    The formala for the html text field would be

    var text Words = "Click here to see your confidential report";
    var text URL = urlroot() & "db/" & dbid() & "?a=q&qid=xx";

    "<a href=" & $URL & ">" & $Words & "</a>

    The summary report would summarize that hyperlink field (which are all identical), so it will just have one line on the report which would make it not cheezy.  So that is a non cheezy low tech solution.

  • 3.  RE: Monthly Subscription with a Report Link

    Posted 12-13-2017 18:25
    Thanks so much for your prompt suggestions! I'll take a stab at it...whilst wearing my cheese hat ;)