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  • 1.  Finding non- windows-1252 Characters in Text fields using a formula

    Posted 18 days ago
    I am looking for a way to expose non-windows-1252 characters when Users paste them into text fields in Quickbase.

    I tried this but it doesn't work.

    If(Contains([Scope change Description],"'", true,false)

    If(Contains(URLEncode([Scope change Description]),"'", true,false)

    If(Contains([Scope change Description],"URLEncode(')", true,false)

    If(Contains(URLEncode([Scope change Description]),"URLEncode(')", true,false)

    Thought I'd see if anyone has cracked this before I find the answer through random trying. I submitted a support case to Quickbase support as well. If I find anything I'll post it here.

    Jim Harrison
    transparency = knowledge + understanding : The Scrum Dudes

  • 2.  RE: Finding non- windows-1252 Characters in Text fields using a formula

    Posted 18 days ago
    Edited by Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach) 18 days ago

    Just this week I built this lovely formula. It was a royal pain.  It might be your lucky day. 



    The website says we only have to deal with the green ones 

    var text RawOne = URLEncode([My Pasted Field]);

    var text ReplaceLineFeed =    SearchAndReplace($RawOne, "%0A", "<br>");
    var text ReplaceCarriageReturn =    SearchAndReplace($ReplaceLineFeed, "%0D", "<br>");
    var text ReplaceSpace =       SearchAndReplace($ReplaceCarriageReturn, "%20", " ");
    var text ReplaceExclamation = SearchAndReplace($ReplaceSpace, "%21", "!");
    var text ReplaceQuote =       SearchAndReplace($ReplaceExclamation, "%22", "\"");
    var text ReplaceHash =        SearchAndReplace($ReplaceQuote, "%23", "#");
    var text ReplaceDollar =      SearchAndReplace($ReplaceHash, "%24", "$");
    var text ReplacePercent =     SearchAndReplace($ReplaceDollar,"%25", "%");
    var text ReplaceAmphersand =  SearchAndReplace($ReplacePercent,"%26","&");
    var text ReplaceSingleQuote = SearchAndReplace($ReplaceAmphersand,"%27", "'");
    var text ReplaceLeftRoundBracket = SearchAndReplace($ReplaceSingleQuote,"%28", "(");
    var text ReplaceRightRoundBracket = SearchAndReplace($ReplaceLeftRoundBracket,"%29", ")");
    var text ReplaceStar =       SearchAndReplace($ReplaceRightRoundBracket,"%2A","*");
    var text ReplacePlus =       SearchAndReplace($ReplaceStar,"%2B", "+");
    var text ReplaceComma =      SearchAndReplace($ReplacePlus, "%2C", ",");
    var text ReplaceSlash =      SearchAndReplace($ReplaceComma,"%2F", "/");
    var text ReplaceColon =      SearchAndReplace($ReplaceSlash,"%3A",":");
    var text ReplaceSemiColon =  SearchAndReplace($ReplaceColon,"%3B", ";");
    var text ReplaceLT =         SearchAndReplace($ReplaceSemiColon,"%3C","<");
    var text ReplaceEquals =     SearchAndReplace($ReplaceLT,"%3D", "=");
    var text ReplaceGT =         SearchAndReplace($ReplaceEquals,"%3E",">");
    var text ReplaceQuestion =   SearchAndReplace($ReplaceGT,"%3F","?");
    var text ReplaceAT =         SearchAndReplace($ReplaceQuestion,"%40","@");
    var text ReplaceLeftSquareBracket = SearchAndReplace($ReplaceAT,"%5B", "[");
    var text ReplaceBackSlash =  SearchAndReplace($ReplaceLeftSquareBracket,"%5C","\\");
    var text ReplaceRightSquareBracket = SearchAndReplace($ReplaceBackSlash,"%5D", "]");
    var text ReplaceCaret =     SearchAndReplace($ReplaceRightSquareBracket,"%5E", "^");
    var text ReplaceBackTick =  SearchAndReplace($ReplaceCaret,"%60", "`");



    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)

  • 3.  RE: Finding non- windows-1252 Characters in Text fields using a formula

    Posted 14 days ago
    Nice! I have my ASCII windows-1252 reference (https://www.ascii-code.com/CP1251) on my desk, if I run across anything else I'll add it to the end of the list.

    Jim Harrison
    transparency = knowledge + understanding : The Scrum Dudes

  • 4.  RE: Finding non- windows-1252 Characters in Text fields using a formula

    Posted 13 days ago
    Edited by Jim Harrison 12 days ago

    Werps, I guess the button that says reply in the email doesn't update the post. 
    We needed to see the special characters in a field so we can diagnose what is causing the problem. So I took what Mark posted and modified it so if it finds a special character it gets added to the final text of the field. 


    var text RawOne= URLEncode( [Scope Change Description]);

    var text HorizontalTab= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%09"),"htab." ,"."));
    var text LineFeed= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%0A"),"lf." ,"."));
    var text CarriageReturn= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%0D"),"cr." ,"."));
    var text Space= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%20"),"sp." ,"."));
    var text Exclamation= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%21"),"exclm." ,"."));
    var text Quote= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%22"),"quote." ,"."));
    var text Hash= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%23"),"hash." ,"."));
    var text Dollar= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%24"),"dollr." ,"."));
    var text Percent= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%25"),"pcent." ,"."));
    var text Amphersand= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%26"),"amp." ,"."));
    var text SingleQuote= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%27"),"snglqt." ,"."));
    var text LeftRoundBracket= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%28"),"lbrkt." ,"."));
    var text RightRoundBracket= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%29"),"rbrkt." ,"."));
    var text Star= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%2A"),"star." ,"."));
    var text Plus= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%2B"),"plus." ,"."));
    var text Comma= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%2C"),"comma." ,"."));
    var text Slash= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%2F"),"slash." ,"."));
    var text Colon= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%3A"),"colon." ,"."));
    var text SemiColon= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%3B"),"secolon." ,"."));
    var text LessThan= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%3C"),"lessthan." ,"."));
    var text Equals= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%3D"),"equals." ,"."));
    var text GreaterThan= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%3E"),"grtrthan." ,"."));
    var text Question= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%3F"),"questn." ,"."));
    var text At= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%40"),"At." ,"."));
    var text LeftSquareBracket= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%5B"),"lsqbrkt." ,"."));
    var text BackSlash= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%5C"),"bkslsh." ,"."));
    var text RightSquareBracket= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%5D"),"rsqbrkt." ,"."));
    var text Caret= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%5E"),"caret." ,"."));
    var text BackTick= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%60"),"bktic." ,"."));
    var text LSingleQuote= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%91"),"lsnglQuote." ,"."));
    var text RSingleQuote= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%92"),"rsnglQuote." ,"."));
    var text LQuote= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%93"),"lQuote." ,"."));
    var text RQuote= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%94"),"rQuote." ,"."));
    var text NDash= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%96"),"ndash." ,"."));
    var text MDash= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%97"),"mdash." ,"."));
    var text MiddleDot= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%B7"),"dot." ,"."));
    var text FractionOnHalf= ToText(If(Contains($RawOne, "%BD"),"half." ,"."));

    $HorizontalTab & $LineFeed & $CarriageReturn & $Space & $Exclamation & $Quote & $Hash & $Dollar & $Percent & $Amphersand & $SingleQuote & $LeftRoundBracket & $RightRoundBracket & $Star & $Plus & $Comma & $Slash & $Colon & $SemiColon & $LessThan & $Equals & $GreaterThan & $Question & $At & $LeftSquareBracket & $BackSlash & $RightSquareBracket & $Caret & $BackTick & $LSingleQuote & $RSingleQuote & $LQuote & $RQuote & $NDash & $MDash & $MiddleDot & $FractionOnHalf

    Jim Harrison
    transparency = knowledge + understanding : The Scrum Dudes

  • 5.  RE: Finding non- windows-1252 Characters in Text fields using a formula

    Posted 13 days ago
    @Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)

    I need this earlier today and I am really grateful.  I have pushed to GitHub so anybody can download or pull it.


    Don Larson

  • 6.  RE: Finding non- windows-1252 Characters in Text fields using a formula

    Posted 12 days ago
    I added more values 

    var text RawOne= URLEncode([Scope Change Description]);

    var text ReplaceHorizontalTab= SearchAndReplace($RawOne, "%09", " ");
    var text ReplaceLineFeed= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceHorizontalTab, "%0A", "<br>");
    var text ReplaceCarriageReturn= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceLineFeed, "%0D", "<br>");
    var text ReplaceSpace= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceCarriageReturn, "%20", " ");
    var text ReplaceExclamation= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceSpace, "%21", "!");
    var text ReplaceQuote= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceExclamation, "%22", "\"");
    var text ReplaceHash= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceQuote, "%23", "#");
    var text ReplaceDollar= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceHash, "%24", "$");
    var text ReplacePercent= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceDollar,"%25", "%");
    var text ReplaceAmphersand= SearchAndReplace($ReplacePercent,"%26","&");
    var text ReplaceSingleQuote= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceAmphersand,"%27", "'");
    var text ReplaceLeftRoundBracket= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceSingleQuote,"%28", "(");
    var text ReplaceRightRoundBracket= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceLeftRoundBracket,"%29", ")");
    var text ReplaceStar= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceRightRoundBracket,"%2A","*");
    var text ReplacePlus= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceStar,"%2B", "+");
    var text ReplaceComma= SearchAndReplace($ReplacePlus, "%2C", ",");
    var text ReplaceSlash= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceComma,"%2F", "/");
    var text ReplaceColon= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceSlash,"%3A",":");
    var text ReplaceSemiColon= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceColon,"%3B", ";");
    var text ReplaceLT= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceSemiColon,"%3C","<");
    var text ReplaceEquals= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceLT,"%3D", "=");
    var text ReplaceGT= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceEquals,"%3E",">");
    var text ReplaceQuestion= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceGT,"%3F","?");
    var text ReplaceAT= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceQuestion,"%40","@");
    var text ReplaceLeftSquareBracket= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceAT,"%5B", "[");
    var text ReplaceBackSlash= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceLeftSquareBracket,"%5C","\\");
    var text ReplaceRightSquareBracket= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceBackSlash,"%5D", "]");
    var text ReplaceCaret= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceRightSquareBracket,"%5E", "^");
    var text ReplaceBackTick= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceCaret,"%60", "`");
    var text ReplaceLSingleQuote= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceBackTick,"%91", "'");
    var text ReplaceRSingleQuote= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceLSingleQuote,"%92", "'");
    var text ReplaceLQuote= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceRSingleQuote,"%93", "\"");
    var text ReplaceRQuote= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceLQuote,"%94", "\"");
    var text ReplaceNDash= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceRQuote,"%96", "-");
    var text ReplaceMDash= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceNDash,"%97", "-");
    var text ReplaceMiddleDot= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceMDash,"%B7", "-");
    var text ReplaceFractionOnHalf= SearchAndReplace($ReplaceMiddleDot,"%BD", "1/2");


    Jim Harrison
    transparency = knowledge + understanding : The Scrum Dudes