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5 years ago

Trying to select employees from a roster

I am trying to set up a table that allows me to assign employees to each job.

I have a Job Log table that has about 20 fields that include things like customer name, category of work, program manager, etc.

In each record, I have a button that creates a report record in another table and that is functioning fine.

I would like to add employees to each job from an Employee Roster table but can't figure out how to make that work.

I tried creating the Roster table and then create a table-to-table relationship but that isn't getting me what I want.

Is there a trick to making something like this work?


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  • It sounds like you want one employee to have many jobs. Is that how you set up the table-to-table relationship?

    From there, in the Jobs Roster table you should just add the field "Related Employee" (or whatever its called in your app) to your form or grid edit report and assign employees to jobs in that way.

    Does that help?

    Rachel Rachel