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8 months ago

September Meeting Notes

Hi Pipelines Peeps!

Thanks for joining us at the September meeting this past Tuesday, 9/26. It was a great call with the focus being on the intersection of AI tools (like Chat GPT) and Quickbase.

Pipelines Product Updates w/ Edi Evstatiev

  • First up Edi Evstatiev provided an overview of the new Pipelines Designer for those on the call that weren't familiar with it.
  • He also asked for feedback from people on why they were not using it and their experiences with using it.
  • Edi shared that there are plans to address the top feedback the product have received: The slower performance & not being able to add Jinja expressions to date fields. The latter issue should be address this week. 
  • Another improvement coming soon is new indexes & increasing the number of steps. If you would like to be included in the Private Beta for this please reach out to Edi directly. 

What's Available in the new Pipelines Designer & Updates

  • The ability to move one or multiple steps by dragging and dropping
  • Customizable step names
  • The ability to add a step note
  • A new action bar on the top right
  • New activity tab that shows when there are errors, when a pipeline has triggered and other activities 
  • Right now you can toggle between the legacy builder and the new designer
  • If you build a Pipeline in the new Designer you can then toggle to the legacy builder and view and edit the Pipeline there but you won't be able to see the customer step names or step notes
  • In October the new Pipelines Designer will be the builder by default

Leveraging ChatGPT for Jinja Expressions w/ We McAda

  • Wes McAda, Quickbase Developer @ Louis Berger lead a discussion & share his tips on leveraging ChatGPT to help with Jinja expressions
  • It is a helpful tool to use because there is not a lot of documentation out there about Jinja
  • It's all about the quality of the inputs (or prompts), responses can vary
  • Pro-tip: include "In Quickbase Pipelines" at the begining

Pipeline Built w/ OpenAI & General Discussion around AI capabilities coming to Quickbase w/ Alex Pederson

  • Alex Pederson, Sr Manager Solutions Consulting @ Quickbase shared a Pipeline he created integrating a Quickbase App with OpenAI where he wanted to see if he could get a "sentiment analysis" to help determine sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) asking OpenAI to evaluate.  This Pipeline demostrated what is possible to build between Quickbase and an AI tool to help with in-app analysis and assistance.
    • On the call people asked for the YAML of this Pipeline and I have attached the YAML and additional information he sent me to this post and it can also be found in the document library of this community
  • He also demonstrated a new builder experience that will be released soon called the "AI Smart Builder" that leverages AI for building new apps and can help cut down the amount of time required for building new apps. 

Caroline Stuart-Freas