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3 years ago

API_ImportFromCSV response

Hi, I am new in Quickbase, I am importing data through a CSV import API and URL,60129302,,10268239,definition101,%0AN,60161985,,10271188,Definition02,%0A&clist=  the merge-id is the RID=7, it is working fine, I mean it is updating, appending or doing nothing if the RID is without changes. I put this URL in the browser and I get this response
<errtext>No error</errtext>
<rid update_id="1627688139062">3</rid>
<rid update_id="1627699647536">7</rid>

I am using a code page and sending the function with Javascript, but I can't get the same response. Is there some way to get it?

Thanks a lot in advance

David Parra
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