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We are looking at setting up asset tracking and want to utilize the barcode capabilities of Qbase. This is probably a dumb question but does anyone have any advice on the best method to print the codes? We will use portable printers but does anyone have experience or knowledge on how to do it; is it as simple as buying a portable barcode printer, connecting your phone to it and printing directly from the record where the barcode has been generated?

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  • Jon,

    Unfortunately it is not as straightforward as connecting a printer to a phone.  There are 2 ways to accomplish this.  The first is with the browser and a desktop plugins (so not the phone), like  With the phone and app is needed to send a POST request to the printer to print.  Assuming by "portable printer" you mean a Zebra or Star type printer, right.

    I am one of the partner/owners of Trinity Integrated Solutions.  We are one of Quick Base's third party partners (  We would be more than happy to assist you with implementing this functionality into your Quick Base application.  If interested, please reach out us via email @​

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