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3 years ago

Bi-directional relationships

I need to know if there is anything wrong or dangerous having a bi-directional relationship between two tables.

I have relationships already established as follows:

Customers have many Contacts
Contacts have many Opportunities
Customers have many opportunities

I want to create Opportunities have many Contacts

Here's why:
Within an opportunity we define everything about the deal, including what we are quoted and what we intend to quote the customer.

My objective is to launch off the opportunity with a button to create a quote, and it will look at the contacts to determine if any of them have a primary (or secondary) role in their Bill to, it would put my name/address in the Bill to section, and likewise with Ship to. In some cases we'll have one name/address for both.

I figure the first step to making that happen is to display a report on the Opportunity and show names where the contact meets one or both criteria.

Wade Myers

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  • That won't work.  That is because if an Opportunity has Many Contacts, then conversely a contact may only belong to One Opportunity.  So once that Contact gives you an opportunity you are stuck and that Contact can never give you another opportunity.

    What you want is a new child table for a many to Many Relationship called Opportunity Contacts. 

    One Opportunity has many Opportunity Contacts 
    One Contact has many Opportunity contacts.  

    That Many to many join table will not have any data entry fields of its own, it will just have fields from the relationships.

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