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3 years ago

Button to open specific field in a different table

I want to create a button, that when checked it opens a specific field from a different table.

Once the selection in that field is made it will then send a webhook to Zapier to trigger an email


A button is added to my order. If the button is selected I want it to prompt the user to select a value from the template ID field ( This is a multi-choice field and goes from 1- 6). The template ID field sits in a different App ( No objections to it sitting in the same App) .

Can anyone tell me the best way to add this?

Kelly Grewar

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  • Hi Kelly,

    I think what you could do is to create a new very simple form,  and that form only holds the 1 field you want them to edit.    

    You would call that form with a URL Formula button and have it open in a pop-up or new tab.  

    Your user makes the required edit and saves it on that form,  then that action can be used to trigger a webhook or notification.

    Jeff Peterson