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3 years ago

Cannot add User to subscription report

This is a registered user with the role/permission to see this data.  When I emmulate the user, I can manually go to this report and view it.

Why can I not add this user to the subscription?

Alycn Bjergo-Justen

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  • Hi Alycn,

    If you are still having this issue with your user in the application I would recommend touching base with our Care team via a case as was recommended in that error. They can go into the app with you and take a look at the user and make sure they are verified and able to see the app/data. You can create a support case here in Community by using the Support option in the navigation at the top of the page or when you are in Quickbase by clicking on the question mark icon in the global navigation and selecting the option to Manage Support Cases. I hope this information helps and have a great day Alycn.

    Evan Martinez