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Qrew Cadet
2 months ago

Client portal/App setup help

I would like to create an app that is specific to a Client, I can use paid seats for the users logins.

Specifically, there are 2 main functions I need. The ability for submission of request and then once reviewed, the ability to view/access the requested information from the Client specific App.  I do not want to give any access to our main application, which is why I was thinking the client specific app would be best to build.

I want to set the new app up similar to a “portal”, where this Client can log in and do/see several things such as:

  • Submit an estimate request through a form
  • Check the status of this request
  • Provide updates for the request
  • Add authorizations and scheduling updates
  • Send message or make notes
  • Upload attachments


I am thinking I could create tables in the Client App that will mirror the tables/fields etc. that are in the main app, thus assisting in relating the data. Then have some type of notification set up when a new submission is made.

Our teams would then  review any new submissions etc. prior to using a pipeline to import the information into our main app. 

Once we have reviewed and approved the data in our main app, then I would like to have the client app updated to reflect the “same” details.

I know this is possibly, I am just not sure the best way to set it up. Does QB have any prebuilt apps like this I could customize to our needs???

Any suggestions are appreciated!!

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  • My suggestion would be to set up a separate app where all clients interact with your company,  not a series of duplicate apps per client but one app where all clients would use it and access would be controlled by Role Permissions.

    You would have a table of authorized client users where the key Field is the UserID. That table would have a field on it for what company's records they are allowed to see. You would then create relationships from the client users table down to any of the detail records in your client portal app (using a formula User reference field on the detail record of


    You would lock up down to the detail records the company that currently logged in user is allowed to see. Then you would set up custom permissions so that users in the rule client users can only see detail records where the company on the record matches the company in the detail table  


    You really do not want to get into a situation where you need to duplicate an app for every new client because then the pipeline work gets crazy for each new client and you end up with all these separate apps that will need to be separately maintained and any enhancement you need in one app would have to be replicated 2, 3,4, 5, ... 10 times as the clients build. That will make you crazy.

    Feel free to post back with any questions you have and I will respond the best I am able.  The forum moderator is still working on getting email notifications working on this new platform but in the meantime you can email me directly to let me know if you've made a new post. 

    Mark Shnier

    Your Quickbase Coach

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      Qrew Cadet

      Hi Mark,

      Is this the easiest route to accomplish this?  

      I see and agree with your point of using 1 separate app for all our clients.


      I have several questions, but first would like to clarify 1 thing first -- 

      If I am reading this correctly, I would be creating 2 new apps, 1 - Client Portal APP, and 2 - Client Users APP??

      Once you answer that it will allow me to ask my follow ups if that is okay!