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5 years ago

Collecting response from non-qbase user

Need to email a table of information to a non-Quickbase user. In the table, there are columns that I want this user to enter data and send back to me and I would import their responses in. Is there a better solution? Could the non-qbase user be given a link to the report and enter their responses in qbase?

Ruby Kapil
Wi-Finity, Inc

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  • Hi Ruby,

    EOTI can have any permissions you provide and as long as they have edit access to the records in the report you wish them to fill out, what you're describing can be done.

    HOWEVER, this would be potentially risky as they could have more access than you'd like.... AND so would everyone else on the internet. 😱

    The ideal solution would be to get this user a login and set up their permissions appropriately.

    If that is not possible. My suggestion would be to set up a "key" that limits access from EOTI to only those with the key.

    Essentially the key (a string of text and/or numbers) is added to every record you want the person to be able to access, then you set up a report that requires them to enter the key as a filter. Be cautious here as you also want to make sure that a "blank" entry does not show all records.

    All of the app's menus, reports, tables, etc. should be hidden and only this single report visible (should they try to navigate elsewhere). 

    This will minimize the risk but is by no means foolproof (the URL can always be modified to display other records). I have set up something similar for a client in the past and it worked out well.

    Good luck!

    Sharon Faust (Quick Base Junkie)
    Founder, Quick Base Junkie