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13 days ago

Color coding multi-list pulled from another application


I am attempting to create a color coding for a multi-list field pulled from another application. But am having difficulty with creating the formula. 

Utilizing this article: Color-coding fields – Quickbase Help

I created this formula: 

However the"=" is saying that can not be used for textlist, text. 

I have tried "contains" with multiple errors. 

Any help is appreciated. 

Thank you!

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  • Hey LRJ,
    You'll likely need to split the list up or simply use a totext function. 
    You can try either of these based on what you're looking to do:

    If(totext([# of combined text ship to]) = "KC", .....


    Split(List(" ; ",
    If([# of combined text ship to]="KC", 'insert your div style here' ),
    If([# of combined text ship to]="CA", 'insert your div style here' ))

    the = will only work if that is the only thing in the combined text

    the contain function will work if what you're searching for is contained, however, if multiple if statements are true, it will only show you the first if statement made true