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Creating User Specific Homepages/Dashboards for individual users in a role.

We are a small business and most of our user wear at least 2 hats - the primary role and then a backup role. Our situation is we a have Role defined as Human Resources with 2 users - the HR and the AP person. We have developed our table/reports/form access permissions based on the Role - Human Resources. We want the HR user to login in to the HR Home Dashboard by default and the AP person to login to the AP Home Dashboard by default. 
Currently all user in the Human Resources Role will see the HR Home dashboard by default. 

How do I change the home page to be user specific? 

I am a relatively new user to Quick Base, so I may be overlooking somethig pretty straight forward.

Thanks for you help 

Clark McMurtry
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  • ... not a silly question at all.

    A user can be in multiple Roles.  The "Permissions" work to give the most access possible based on all the roles which the user is in.  But if the user in in say 2 Roles and each Role is set to a different Home Page, then they can't land on multiple App Home Pages.  So they will land on the one associated with the highest Role in the list of Roles. The list of Roles can be dragged and dropped up and down  to control the sequence.

    So .... I suggest that you make a new Role called A/P Home Page with no permissions at at all, no view no edit. Drag that Role first and set it to use the A/P Home Page. Put the AP Person also into that Role.  Make sure that Role is dragged to be first on the lst.

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