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3 years ago

Dropbox | Pipelines Connection Issue

I am in the process of setting up one process to save a single file type to Dropbox. I have the pipeline set up and working to send the file to Dropbox but need to create a shared link and bring that back to the QB record. I have done the JSON fetch to work if I use the actual file name but if I drag the name filed to the process I get an error message that "Remote service reported an error: Error in call to API function "sharing/create_shared_link_with_settings": request body: could not decode input as JSON". So using the actual file name in the request body works but need this to work off the field name from Dropbox. The second struggle is similar, when trying to iterate the repost and trying to use the field name so that I can pull it back to QB, the same trouble and similar error. I am looking for a different formula in the pipeline to pull the field information. When I run this through a tool for the Dropbox API, i get the same similar error, so it comes down to how to format the field which is my struggle at this point.

Joey Zint