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2 years ago

Email Behavior from Different Browers - Can others confirm?

When looking at a report, if you have an email field, you have the option to show an Envelope in the totals box. Clicking that envelope opens your default email client, loading all email addresses. I have found this behavior. Can anyone confirm, and if so, has anyone found any browser settings to help fix this? I am opening to Outlook as the default client.

1.  Firefox: Seems to work every time
2. Chrome: Opens up Outlook, but only enters a limited number of emails. Not sure what the limit is, but somewhere between 50-100 I believe.
3. Edge: Will only open Outlook email under a certain amount of emails. Again, not sure that amount. 60 emails worked, 400 didn't. Didn't run a good test to find the limit.

Anyone find this same thing, and if so, any way to up the browser limits? Is that a user controlled limit or inherent to the browser?

Mike Tamoush
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