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2 months ago

Email notifications from internal

I am trying to set up custom email notifications that send from the user who is adding a new record. The problem I'm having is that no matter what I try, the from is not sending from our internal email, it's sending from Is there any way that we can set it to send from our internal email address? Our company has some pretty strict and sometimes unpredictable firewalls and flags and I'm nervous that these notifications are going to get lost. 

The notifications I have set up already are on Pipelines, but they only send from my email address. Our new app project would be better sent from the user who made the change which is why we're trying to figure out other solutions.

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  • I haven't tried a custom reply to through Pipelines. I'll look into that! Thank you for the suggestion!

  • I have not tested but are you able to set the Reply To when sending an email using Pipelines and the Outlook or Gmail channel?  That way even if you have a generic "FROM" at least you can control what happens if the user does a Reply.

    I do  know what using the 3rd Party Add-On from Juiced called Courier, you can set the Reply To.