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5 months ago

Go to login page when clicking on a file

I have a file field that I must keep secure (I cannot open to public). A teaming partner has a limited access role, so that they can be logged into our realm in order to access the files. The problem I am having is this:

In other scenarios, if you click on a QB link and are not already logged into the realm, it takes you to the realm login page. However, if you click on a file, it just gives you a 404 Error page. To the user, there is no indication that the real issue is that they need to log into the realm.

Any thoughts on how to combat this? My instinct is to make a formula rich text field that doesnt take you to the file, but actually takes you to a custom form with only the file field on it. This way they should be sent to the login screen. I don't love that idea though, anyone have any better thoughts where they can still click on the file itself, and if they are already logged in it opens the file, otherwise it asks them to log in?

Michael Tamoush

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  • Your suggestion about taking them to a form is your best bet without getting too fancy. This would force them to the log in and then redirect them to your form to view download. 

    If you're familiar with codepages - you can do a simple code page that does something similar - if they hit it and aren't logged in it will force them to sign in first, and then the once the code page actually loads you can either render/display the file if it's an image or if they're PDF's it can render it in a iFrame PDF viewer. 

    Chayce Duncan