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2 years ago

How to condense/align fields without new section breaks


I'm referencing the Magic Buttons application and I noticed on the Upload Multiple Documents tab in the projects table main form, that there are two buttons condensed together over a single report field:

Does anyone know how to do this?? I've looked at the form rules the code within the buttons and I do not understand how they were able to do this. Best I can tell, it is tied to the report because other fields within this form do follow the standard display/alignment expectations. But when I look at the report, nothing is different from the report on my form.

Thank you!

Curtis Middleton

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  • It can be done by adding text fields with an html table.  it's a bit cumbersome to setup, and the few I did I found I kept forgetting the table was there later and it created confusion when trying to add something new in.

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