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5 years ago

Look for the previuos occurrence in a field and and fill another field with the found occurrence

I I would like to look for a TID Number in a Field Called "TID" to find the previous occurrence and if I find one, write its Ticket No in another Field Called "Previous Ticket" and its Date as well. Please see the Table below.

Thank you!

David Rascon

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  • Hi David,

    If you were looking to run a query to find records with the same TID and then pull in data from them you would most likely need to make use of a custom pipeline and query or our API to run a query and then use the payload from it to update a record with another call. That would be the route if you wanted to be able to add the data into fields. You can find out more about our API here in our API Guide. If you are just looking for a way to see other records with the same TID and their date (as well as any other fields you chose) you can also use a report link field. 

    Report links build a field on your form that look for records that have a match with one of the fields in the record you are viewing. For example if I had an invoices table and all my invoices had an invoice # I could create a report link in that table that matches Invoice # of my current record with Invoice # any other record in my table. This would then give me a report (which I could customize to pick the fields it displays)​​​ that shows any other record in that table with the same Invoice #, it even works if you are comparing two different fields as long as their types match. I hope this suggestion is helpful. ​

    Evan Martinez
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