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3 years ago

Monthly Projected Revenue

I have a Customer record with first payment date, last payment date, term (number of months) and monthly payment amount fields.  I would like to create a report that tells me the projected revenue from all payments for each month of the next 12 months.  Is this possible?

Jim Boozer

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  • I have a similar question

    Kevin Gullickson
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      It's possible but you would need to create a child table of payments and then have a pipeline populate the records. Then you would get infinite flexibility on your reporting.  

      If you are interested in going through those hoops to get your reporting then a could endeavour to describe how the pipeline could work.  

      Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
  • I would recommend creating a child table for invoices and either scheduling all of them out or using a pipeline to create them initially.  That gives you the reporting benefit you requested but also lets you do future things like track if they are paid, when paid, etc.

    My recommendations:

    Create a child invoice table
    Create a checkbox on the parent table (probably an order or customer table) that will be used to trigger the pipeline.  You will never use this checkbox
    Create a formula URL button (or rich text button if you want more aesthetic control) and call it Schedule out Invoicing.  Use that button to "check" the checkbox you creatd
    Create a pipeline to run when that checkbox is checked.  It should loop through the months and create the invoices as required.

    Ivan Weiss