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3 years ago

Network Issues again?

Once again several users are reporting 502 errors when trying to access Quickbase.  It is not a VPN issue; I had several try to access on and off the VPN.  All are able to access other websites.  

Please advise the reason for this and a proposed time for resolution.

Paul Peterson

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  • Hi Paul,

    If you have users on your account running into issues connecting to Quickbase the best next step is to create a case with our Care team so they can help you look into what might be going on with your users and their access. You can create a case from community by using Support where it appears in the upper right hand corner navigation or within Quickbase under the question mark icon that appears in the upper right hand corner and then if you could include specifics of which users and applications you are seeing those connections issue in your case they can look into gathering more information for you about your users experience. We aren't experiencing a platform wide issue but specific apps might be experiencing performance pain.

    Evan Martinez
    Community Marketing Manager