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Qrew Cadet
2 years ago

Passing field data through homepage button

I want three buttons on my homepage.

Depending on the button that user selects I want the action of pushing that button to pass information to a field. Is that possible with homepage buttons? 


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  • Buttons within a report on a homepage/dashboard can pass data within that record to other places.

    Buttons that are part of the page have no data to pass, they reroute you to specific places.

    Dana Hauser
  • As Dana says, there is no context to a homepage button so there is no dynamic data you can pass to a field.

    However if lets say all buttons are creating a new record and all you are trying to do is fill a static value depending on the button then that is doable.

    For example of you wanted to have 3 buttons for adding a task with 3 different priority levels, that is possible.

    Simon H